4K gaining too.

Blu-ray discs have increased their share of the total global video market in the past three years. At the same time, 4K Ultra HD format, launched in 2016, is attracting more interest. However, prices have remained more or less unchanged since 2015.

These are the key results of an analysis covering 13 countries, including Australia, carried out by GfK Entertainment for the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG).

In Germany, Blu-ray held about 38% per cent of physical video sales in 2017, up in from 34% in 2015. Blu-rays enjoy the most popularity in Japan, where sales account for more than every second yen spent (52%).

The 4K share of the total physical market was about 2% at the end of 2017, with sales on an upward curve and regular short spurts of growth.

Overall, Blu-ray prices are fairly stable. In 2017, the discs cost an average of €14.53 in Germany, making them 60 cents cheaper than in 2015. This is similar to the situation in Austria, where the price has dropped slightly. In France the average price is €19.44 while in Japan consumers are charged almost €45.