By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Small electrical appliance supplier GAF Control plans to reduce its range of seasonal products in order to increase it winter sales volumes at the completive end of the market.

Speaking with, GAF spokesperson, David Court, said that the company’s plans are in line with what the retailers are doing.

“We have had the larger range, but we are narrowing that down across the board and retailers are doing the same.

“You go to retailers and they won’t have such a wide range of products now. They don’t want to be everything to everyone.”

Court said that by looking at their best selling seasonal appliances and increasing their stock in those areas, the company will be able increase overall sales volumes.

“We are not going to have a situation where you sell 500 to 1000 products in a season.

“This winter, across the range on heaters we are looking at 100,000 to 150,000 units, and most of that is from Heller.”

Being a smaller company in the competitive range, Court said GAF Control is better suited financially to deal in smaller ranges and larger volumes because it will not have to absorb the approval costs for higher end products.

“That doesn’t work for us. It might work for the European brands because they can throw that price into their margin, but we can’t.

“So we look for products where there is volume.”