To high achieving members.

Every year, Bi-Rite recognises stores who have achieved a level of excellence at the national conference.

Bi-Rite’s Hamza Hussein said, “It is great to see that each year there are new contenders for the golden award with the high ambition of members. This year, we presented 5 Gold Awards as well as the coveted Store of the Year Award at the awards night.”

Gold Awards

The gold awards are given to stores who are overachievers with their efforts in local marketing, core ranging, customer service, community engagement.

Wangaratta – “Continuously a top performer in our group. Travis has also invested in expanding his store with a fresh new look, improvements and expansions to the business as well as local engagement.”

Oakey – “Andrew’s proactive approach in doing business, continual improvements in product ranging and category offering is inspiring.”

Fairfield – “Evan’s hunger and enthusiasm to grow his business is like no other. The fresh new approach to execution is paying dividends.”

Mansfield – “Anne is a new member who has embraced the new system, branding and core range and we are glad to have her on-board and part of the team. Her shop is one of the best in terms of presentation.”

Mt Gambier – “Rick has improved his business through new ranging in new categories and his local marketing. He has transformed the way he is doing business.”

Store of the Year

Boonah – “Chantal and David have seen significant growth since purchasing the business 12 months ago. Their social involvement and interactions with the community are continuous. The evolution in ranging and product offering, along with exceptional customer service has seen their customer base grow and demographic change.”

Employee Award

Ansooya Ramjee – “Long standing employee who has dedication to the group and members. No task is ever too big for her. Her hard work and devoted nature do not go unnoticed.”