Las Vegas, Nevada

CES Unveiled is the official pre-show media conference for brands to showcase the latest and greatest technology. Here are our picks for the most interesting and eye-catching devices unveiled at Unveiled.

It’s no secret that headphones are hot right now: the incredible growth of personal audio, fuelled in part by Beats’ incredible success (and saturation marketing) means brands are racing to get the most attractive, feature-packed models onto the market to quell consumers’ ferocious appetite.

Here are three of the most interesting new headphones and earphones revealed at CES Unveiled…


Urbanears have cut the cords.
Urbanears has cut the cords.

Swedish audio brand Urbanears is releasing its first range of Bluetooth headphones. This may seem a little bit behind the times but the delay has been because the company was waiting to produce a pair of  wireless headphones that complied with both its audio reproduction and design aesthetic standards, while remaining competitively priced. Urbanears’ cordless range will come in 10 colours for US $99. There will also be a range of accessories, Urbanears’ first, coming this year, including smartphone cases and stylish, elongated MicroUSB chargers, which feature a patented clipping device for achieving a snake-like coil.


Marshall Major II

Famous American audio brand has updated the sound, look and durability on its Major range of headphones, to create the brand new Major II. While retaining the distinctive square can style of its predecessor, sources say these headphones have much better drivers to deliver deeper bass, extended highs and a refined midrange, all with lower distortion.


Coloud earphones featuring the Snap anchor device.
Coloud earphones featuring the Snap anchor device.

Notice the loops protruding from the top of the buds on these sports earphones? That’s Coloud’s marquee new feature, called the Snap. The idea behind this adjustable cord is to anchor the buds behind the cartilage in the users’ ears, so they do not become dislodged while running or working out. The inability of earbuds to stay in place can be a major bugbear for athletic users so these earphones are sure to have some appeal.