Samsung and LG have each launched a new range of refrigerators aiming to please different consumer tastes, with top mount versus bottom mount designs.

LG has opted for the bottom mount design, which features the refrigerator on top of the freezer, banking on consumers using the refrigerator section more frequently than the freezer.

The Samsung 3050 II range is top mounted, a “great choice” according to Mike Lilley, head of home appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia. “With flexible storage features that include a sliding shelf, an attractive and practical design, the new Samsung 3050 II is an excellent choice for Australian families looking for a blend of style and functionality,” he said.

In terms of energy efficiency, the LG range gets the better of Samsung with the LG machines receiving a 4 star energy efficiency rating with Samsung just behind with 3.5 stars.

LG said the range’s energy efficiency is driven by the refrigerator’s LG Inverter Linear Compressor which offers greater control of energy consumption, less vibration and noise than a conventional compressor system.

“We know how important energy efficiency can be to the household budget and we’re delighted that all our hard work in developing the bottom mount refrigerator has seen it recognised as the most efficient of its class in Australia,” Skropidis said. “We’re also confident consumers will be delighted with the style, durability and elegance of the range.”

The LG design has innovative features including Bioshield technology to reduce the growth of bacteria and mould on seals, tempered glass to bolster the shelf strength, and a deodoriser to absorb unpleasant odours.

LG bottom mount refrigerator
LG bottom mount refrigerator

LG’s four new offerings all have a 450 litre capacity and two come with water dispensers (GN-W450USL and GN-W450UPL) and two without (GN-450USL and GN-450UWL). LG’s latest offerings in the bottom mount range will be available from RRP $1499 to RRP $1799. Consumers can choose between the platinum, anti-fingerprint stainless or white finishes.

Samsung’s range offers larger capacities with 469 litre and 527 litre models, available in white or layered steel. They range in price from RRP $1,399 to RRP $1,999.

“With the launch of these products, we’re extending our refrigerator range to help suit the needs of a wide range of Australian homes. They’re great for large households in terms of size, layout and functionality,” Lilley said.

Samsung 3050 II Top Mount refrigerator
Samsung 3050 II Top Mount refrigerator

The new 3050 II series refrigerators also feature an external control panel to initiate Power Cool, a function designed to be used to reach a target temperature within the unit. Samsung’s All-Round cooling system has multiple flat and wide vents designed to circulate cool air evenly throughout the refrigerator.

The design of the fridge features a two draw crisper system and a Moist Fresh Zone to maintain optimal humidity levels.

LG Bottom Mount range

GN-W450USL, RRP $1,799
GN-W450UPL, RRP $1,749
GN-450USL, RRP $1,649
GN-450UWL, RRP $1,499

Samsung 3050 II Top Mount range

Layered steel, 527 litre (SR526MLS), RRP $1,999
White, 527 Litre (SR525MW), RRP $1,799
Layered steel, 469 litre (SR469MLS), RRP $1,599
White, 469 litre (SR468MW), RRP $1,399