Bamix is embarking on another cinema advertising campaign to introduce and promote the Cordless Plus, which has seen encouraging sales performance to date in the Australian market.

With an elegant, ergonomic and cordless design, coupled with unrivalled blending performance, the Bamix Cordless Plus sets new standards in the hand blender category. Manufactured in Mettlen, Switzerland, the hand blender is synonymous with quality, power, flexibility and endurance.

To promote the Cordless Plus, Bamix has again partnered with Star Media Platinum Cinema Advertising Network for a 13-week campaign, which runs until 15 February, 2023. The aim is to drive consumers into retail stores to see and experience the Bamix Cordless Plus, winner of a Good Design Award.

The Bamix campaign consists of 15 second TVCs running in cinemas, screened just before the main feature of every session, every day across over 290 cinema screens.

With the Bamix Cordless Plus, flexibility is always at hand with an operation time of up to 20 minutes thanks to innovative battery technology. The motor power is unrivalled and immediately available again after an extremely short charging time.

For more information, visit or call (02) 9425 5029.