ARsignupOne of America’s popular barbecue brands – Saber Grills – will be available here in Australia later this month as the brand launches its products in this country.

Sold in the US through independent outdoor living retailers, the barbecues are tagged as a “premium brand with an affordable price tag,” according to Saber Grills Australia’s Country Manager, Alan Choong.

“Consumers want the best they can afford, and until now, when it comes to barbecues, Australians have had to pay a high price for a premium product,” he said. “This is where the new Saber range of barbecues comes in – engineered from the ground up by a team of outdoor cooking specialists, Saber barbecues will be the most advanced, performance driven and value-priced brand in the premium category.”

US company Saber is launching its barbecue range in Australia this month.
US company Saber is launching its barbecue range in Australia this month.

Saber’s US research finds outdoor space is favourite place

Saber carried out some research in the US in February 2014 and found 64 per cent of home owners purchase new products for their outdoor space at least once a year, and more than 80 per cent say their outdoor space is their favourite place in their home.

They found the barbecue was the number one ‘can’t live without’ item and as Australia often mirrors the US when it comes to lifestyle trends, Choong said the timing couldn’t be better to launch these Saber barbecues onto the Australian market.

Proprietary infrared cooking system pre-heats quickly

The Saber brand of barbecues includes a proprietary infrared cooking system which pre-heats quickly (0 to 370 degrees in less than 10 minutes), eliminates flare-ups, and is fuel efficient – using 30 per cent less gas than a traditional gas barbecue.

As well, Saber barbecues are built from 304 commercial grade stainless steel, have electronic ignition points at each burner and multi-function warming racks.

Bonus features by model include grate-level temperature gauges, halogen lights, and dual-control side burners.

“The infrared technology means no hot or cold spots, no burnt food from flare ups and superior cooking performance. There’s also a patented cooking grate that enables grease from food to evaporate, making Saber barbecues easier to keep clean, and air is vented away from both the front and rear of the barbecue, preventing food from drying out,” Choong added.

Saber barbecues are designed and manufactured by Saber Grills, based in Columbus, Georgia and a division of Char-Broil LLC., with the parent company W.C. Bradley Co., a privately-held US company. For more information go to