ASKO will celebrate its 74th birthday with a special promotion for retailers that includes up to 74% off the cost of the Celsius°Cooking™ induction range.

According to ASKO sales director, Rob Butchatsky, the retail staff offer applies for sales of ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ induction cooktops from 1 March to 30 June 2024.

“Once a salesperson has sold an ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ cooktop, they receive an incredible one-time-only 74% staff discount on any one of the cooktops of their choice,” Butchatsky said.

“There are seven Celsius°Cooking™ cooktops available in the range from a 38cm domino cooktops through to a 90cm flush mount model.

“Secure your purchase by placing the order before September 30 and delivered by the end of 2024. Seal the deal, claim your discount and celebrate ASKO’s 74-year legacy in style.”

The introduction of the Celsius°Cooking™ induction cooktop range is a key platform for the brand in 2024 as it represents a broad range of ‘firsts’ for the category.

Butchatsky said the new range also reinforces ASKO’s strategy of bringing the most premium and innovative product to the cooking category.  There are seven Celsius°Cooking™ available in the range, all with a five-year warranty as well as a bonus gift with purchase of a Celsius°Cooking™ fry pan for 60cm or 80cm models and purchasers of the top of the range 90cm model receive a chef’s pot and fry pan.

The ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ induction cooktop range, available in gloss black and matt black, provides the ability for consumers to cook at single-degree increments as well as the familiar 1-12 plus boost power levels.

The cooktop also integrates with ASKO-branded Celsius°Cooking™ fry pan and chef’s pot as well as a bluetooth probe for liquid based cooking methods such as Sous Vide. Timers are also available to ‘count-up’ so that consumers can add ingredients at specific intervals or complete a cooking step at a set time.

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