There are few surprises when it comes to what’s ‘really cool’ in brands that get the thumbs-up from the nation’s kids. According to the Kids’ Cool List from Roy Morgan’s Young Australians Survey2020 these are: iPhones (49%); computers, including laptops and other tablets (45%), Nike (42%), Roblox (40%), Harry Potter (just under 40%) and, in equal ninth place, gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (38%).

However, when it comes to what is ‘really cool’ streaming services head the list with Netflix topping the 2020 list for the third year in a row. It is followed by Minecraft which appears to be riding a renewed wave of popularity with the digital building game especially popular with 10 to 13-year olds.

There is strong crossover between boys’ and girls’ cool lists but there are differences too, with  the girls’ Top 5 including Netflix, iPad, iPhone, Minecraft and Harry Potter, while the boys list comprises Minecraft, Netflix, iPad, PlayStation 4 and Spiderman.

Roy Morgan’s annual retail sales forecast, released in conjunction with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), indicates Australians will spend more than $54.3 billion during the Christmas trading period. And no doubt a large percentage of this will be spent on gifts for children.