By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung Electronics has made an immediate splash with this week’s unveiling of five new models in its MAX range of air conditioners, with interest from retailers already piqued.

Launching at the 2010 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Business Service Trade Exhibition, Samsung business unit manager for air conditioning, Gary Sparkes, said three major Australian retailers have already come to see what they have on offer.

“They have seen the new range and they have all been impressed.”

The MAX range features high wall, split system air conditioners that feature a four step filtration system designed to help users breathe easily in their home.

The filtration system features an anti-virus filter, a green tea extract built into the filters called Catechin, a deodorising filter to absorb unpleasant odours and a silver coated evaporator to reduce bacteria in filters.

The range also features Samsung’s Good Sleep mode, which is designed to ensure quality sleep by adjusting temperatures throughout the night.

Available in Australia from July, the five new Max models all comply with each state’s EER standard, with each model featuring a two star of higher 2010 MEPS rating.

While an RRP will not be available for another month, Sparkes said the MAX range is aimed above the entry level of the market.

“We are determined to be a major player in the air conditioning market.

“This (MAX range) is not a basic air conditioner.”

Samsung has also launched its DVM Plus IV, mini DVM and FJM ranges of commercial air conditioners.

Available in 2011, the DVM Plus IV can have up to 16 heads working and heat or cool larger building areas than previous DVM models while being controlled from the main computer of the building.

According to Samsung, the Plus IV offers the world’s largest capacity in a single outdoor module, with 20 horsepower and a total combined capacity of up to 80 horsepower.

The mini DVM and multi-split FJM ranges can offer up to four connectable heads and be used domestically and commercially.