BSR Group rolls out Designer Appliances

An evolution of the Your Betta Cooking Specialist program.

BSR Group in conjunction with Narta has evolved its Your Betta Cooking Specialist program with the development of an umbrella brand, Designer Appliances.

“BSR has been growing its cooking business year-on-year for the past several years, largely on the back of an increased focus in the premium appliance space,” BSR Group chief marketing officer, Adrian Mitchell told Appliance Retailer.

“Originally it came through the development of the Your Betta Cooking Specialist program which saw a completely new marketing program and strategy developed for our members who were strong in the premium cooking arena.

“Working in conjunction with Narta, we were able to formulate strategies and a direction that allowed us to further evolve this program which has led our group to show continued growth and attract new members, many of which were independent cooking specialists.

“Going to market, advertising 14 different brands in a cohesive and efficient manner was difficult and costly. We saw an opportunity to harness the individual knowledge and skills of our members and bring them together under one umbrella brand, Designer Appliances.”

In creating this umbrella brand, the group is now able to take a complete marketing program to market, from catalogue, TV, website, social media and a range of other digital initiatives.

“This strategy is helping deliver more customers to our members, driving leads both online and in store. It has also helped open new doors to create partnerships with builders, designers and architects,” Mitchell said.

“This has all been achieved whilst we maintain relevance with each member’s brand heritage, some of which have been in business for as long as 97 years. Designer Appliances also removes costs from the business associated with maintaining websites and large-scale marketing programs.

“Support by all 23 Designer Appliances members, our key supplier partners and the Narta group has been outstanding. And based on the level of engagement we’ve seen from consumers thus far; they appear to be very excited by the launch of Designer Appliances too.”

Camberwell Electrics store owner, Hans Vanderstadt is part of the Designer Appliances group of independent cooking and laundry specialist retailers.

He said Designer Appliances presents a completely new marketing program in a cohesive and efficient manner and offers the latest kitchen trends, luxe laundry and stylish appliances in partnership with leading brands including Smeg, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Asko, Vintec, ILVE, AEG,  NEFF, Falcon, Liebherr, Beefeater, Franke and more.

“Here at Camberwell Electrics we updated and renovated our kitchen and laundry appliance showroom 10 months ago. We are delighted with our new look Designer Appliance external signage alongside our long established Camberwell Electrics brand logo. We thank BSR and Narta for their initiative, drive and support with the Designer Appliance program.”


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