Navman reassures customers

Navman has issued a statement reassuring customers it will continue with map updates. This follows an ACCC demand that three GPS manufacturers remove ‘lifetime’ claims in their advertising of navigation services.

While Navman has agreed it will no longer use the terminology ‘lifetime map updates’ to describe map updates on many of its models, it does not change its approach to map updates. Navman will continue to support models with regular, monthly or quarterly map updates for as long as it is physically possible.

According to the company, the length of time varies depending on the memory capacity of individual models to accommodate new larger maps, as well as whether its mapping provider continues to supply those maps. Navman is currently supporting map updates for a number of, but not all, models that were released in 2010.

Customers who have products with free map updates will continue to receive the free updates while those who purchase a product that does not include free map updates will need to purchase map updates, as they have always done.

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