CES 2019: Samsung to launch Micro LED display in Australia

After unveiling the 146-inch The Wall TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2018, Samsung has now showcased the Micro LED display in a 75-inch screen size at its annual First Look event, ahead of CES 2019.

Samsung claims that the smaller 75-inch form factor has been made possible by technical advancements in the ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging process that narrow the gap between the microscopic LED chip.

“For decades, Samsung has lead the way in next-generation display innovation,” Samsung Electronics president of visual display business, Jonghee Han said. “Our Micro LED technology is at the forefront of the next screen revolution with intelligent, customisable displays that excel in every performance category.”

The Micro LED display is made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce colours on screen.

Micro LED technology offers flexibility in screen size to fit various rooms and spaces. In the future, the modular functionality will allow users to create displays at irregular 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1 screen sizes.

Micro LED can support the standard 16:9 content, 21:9 widescreen films, as well as unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9, or even 1:1. As Micro LED displays are bezel-free, there are no borders between modules.

At its recent South East Asian Tech Summit, Samsung confirmed Micro LED as the next big project on its television roadmap and a key technology within the future TV market.

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