Arlo unveils ‘game-changing’ security camera system

With new, advanced feature set.

Arlo has unveiled three new security products, scheduled to be released to in Q1 2019, at an exclusive media event in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell and Audio Chime join the flagship Arlo Ultra wire-free security camera system with an array of innovative and updated features.

These include 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR), 12x zoom with track and zoom motion, an improved viewing angle of 180 degrees – one of the widest on the market – and advanced de-warping, dual motion sensors, a spotlight at the front of the camera, coloured night vision and dual microphones for clearer, crisper sound with advanced noise cancellation.

A built-in siren can be automatically triggered by motion, audio detection, or manually activated remotely from the Arlo app.

The feature set is complemented by the camera’s compact, modular, weather resistant design with new magnetic mount for easy DIY installation for outdoor and indoor use. It also includes a newly designed rechargeable battery and weather-resistant, magnetic charging cable.

Arlo Ultra can capture and output 4K video quality from the lens to the user to provide additional detail and allow users to zoom in to uncover critical information, such as license plates, clothing, or other telling details.

Arlo Ultra includes a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier, valued at $129, giving users a more personalised, intelligent smart home security experience. The subscription includes cloud recordings of video clips at 1080p or lower resolution for up to 30 days.

In addition, the camera system comes with the new Arlo SmartHub (pictured above) which connects to the user’s router to provide extended Wi-Fi range to Arlo cameras, manages data traffic to and from the camera out to the user’s cloud account. It features a microSD Card for local storage of recorded clips.

Arlo APAC senior marketing manager, Lambro Skropidis said the company’s vision is to protect and connect its customers, whether it’s a baby, grandparents or pets.

“We want to evolve from video monitoring products to more security focused solutions,” he said.

“The natural flow on from that is a larger presence in the smart home space that is experiencing significant growth, as well as the smart lifestyle market.

“We are off to a good start, shipping over 9.8 million devices since our inception, 2.5 million registered users, 74 million video streams per day and a high mobile app engagement.

“A key enabler for growth moving forward will be giving consumers a tipping point to change. With any technology, there are consumers sitting on the fence waiting for a point to jump in. We saw this in TVs when flat panel came in, Ultra HD, 3D and OLED.

“Only 5% of Australians are using security technology so the growth opportunity for the category, regardless of brand, is huge. The question is, is the marketplace going to give consumers something to get excited about?

“Our research has shown that many consumers are ‘considering’ purchasing a security product in the next six to 12 months so we know they are waiting for something significant to come to market. We believe the Arlo Ultra will be the catalyst for change.”

Skropidis also revealed some alarming statistics regarding safety and security in Australia:

  • Every three minutes a burglary occurs in Australia
  • In 2017, 226,000 homes were broken in to in Australia or 2.5% of households
  • Australia is ranked 5th in the world when it comes to burglaries
  • For 75% of burglars, it takes less than five minutes to break in

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