JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys embrace ‘hyper delivery’

To improve customer experience.

Speed is the new currency for retailers who are harnessing ‘hyper delivery’ options to impatient consumers, according to Radaro managing director, Brenton Gill. JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys and Miele are just some of the leading brands to recently commit to this concept in Australia.

“Many appliance retailers are realising that it’s no longer about being the cheapest. What will set you apart from the competition is being the fastest,” he said. “It is all about speed, convenience and communication and hyper delivery provides retailers with an opportunity to enhance the customer experience and further develop their business.”

Radaro founders

He continued: “Shoppers want their new dishwasher delivered within an hour or two. And they want it tracked, in real time, directly to their door. After all, Australians have been able to watch their Uber arrive on a map via their smartphone, so why can’t this same technology be utilised so they can see their new washing machine make its way on the back of a truck to their front door, too?”

Hyper delivery can be achieved through three core options: delivery with existing supply chains, (own workforce or contracted to a third-party), freelance or on-demand delivery models (speed and convenience, albeit at a higher marginal cost) or utilising a retailers’ employees) to drop goods on the way home from work.

“These last mile solutions also enable retailers to take back control over their own and subcontracted driver fleets, gaining full visibility over completed deliveries, delivery times and all important customer ratings.”


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