Logitech develops digital pencil

Designed for Apple iPad.

Logitech has released the Logitech Crayon, a digital pencil for the 9.7 inch iPad model, now available via the Logitech website, Apple and selected major retail stores for SRP $109.95.

Logitech Crayon features Apple Pencil technology to deliver an ultra-responsive, precise and comfortable handwriting experience to mark-up and highlight work, take notes, or simply draw. Crayon’s smart tip dynamically adjusts line weight allowing users to switch from thick to thin lines with a tilt of a tip – just like a regular pencil.

It connects instantly to an iPad without the need to pair — just press the on button to turn Crayon on and start right away. Its battery supports up to 7 hours of active writing time on a full charge.

Logitech vice president of mobility, Michele Hermann commented, “First introduced to students as a versatile tool for learning, we are now making Logitech Crayon more widely available so more creators, dreamers, and learners can express themselves and communicate new ideas using the new 9.7-inch iPad.

“Logitech Crayon works seamlessly with iPad and the most popular creativity and productivity apps from the app store so whether you are learning to write a new language, jotting down notes, marking up a screenshot or PDF, or visualising an idea, Crayon is the perfect tool for the task.”


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