Supreme Court orders Android Enjoyed

Not to mislead customers.

NSW Fair Trading has successfully obtained an interim injunction in the NSW Supreme Court against Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd, which trades as Android Enjoyed and CameraSky, and its sole director, Yuen Ho Wong.

Minister for Better Regulation, Matt Kean (pictured) said Wong consented to the interim injunction, meaning the company is now restrained from misleading consumers.

“This is a great outcome for consumers and I commend NSW Fair Trading for the excellent progress it has made in its proceedings against Mr Wong and his company,” the minister said.

“Mr Wong has agreed to comply with the interim injunction which prevents him from selling prohibited goods such as counterfeit mobile phone chargers, or misleading consumers by advertising products are in stock when in fact, they aren’t. I hope this outcome serves as a warning to all traders that Fair Trading will take legal action in response to complaints, and hold businesses to account.”

Since 2016, Fair Trading has received 418 and 219 complaints about Android Enjoyed and CameraSky respectively. Customers have repeatedly complained about delayed delivery of goods, or failure to supply goods at all.

Further proceedings against Wong are due in the NSW Supreme Court later in October.

Digital Marketing and Solutions faces a maximum pecuniary penalty of $1.1 million and Wong faces a maximum pecuniary penalty of $220,000 and may also be ordered to pay compensation to affected consumers.


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