New $50 banknote

In circulation from next week.

The Governor Philip Lowe has announced that the new $50 banknote will be released into general circulation from 18 October 2018.

The Governor noted that the new $50 banknote features portraits of Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon and Australia’s first female member of parliament Edith Cowan, both prominent advocates for social inclusion.

The banknote also includes new security features, similar to those on the new $5 and $10 banknotes issued over the past two years as part of the upgrade of Australia’s banknotes.

The $50 is the most widely circulated banknote, and is the denomination primarily used in ATMs. The Reserve Bank has been working closely with manufacturers and businesses that use cash-handling machines to help them prepare for the new $50 banknotes.

The $50 notes are currently being shipped around the country in time for release on 18 October. As with any new banknote release, however, it will take time for the new notes to be widely available. The existing series of banknotes can continue to be used as all previously issued banknotes remain legal tender.


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