Navman releases world-first in dash cams

For increased road safety.

The new Navman MiVue 860 DC Tyre is the world’s first dash cam with an inbuilt tyre pressure monitoring system. Tyre pressure has an influence on road safety including braking distance, the overall lifespan of tyres, as well as fuel economy.

Navman Australia and New Zealand general manager, Wendy Hammond said safety has always been a top priority for Navman.

“We want to go further than capturing footage of an accident; we actually want to help avoid accidents from occurring so we are constantly innovating and incorporating features that can help drivers avoid accidents in the first place,” she said.

“Our tyre pressure monitoring system means drivers don’t need to check tyres manually – it will alert drivers immediately so they can pull in at a petrol station and fix the problem. It is especially handy for those who are towing objects like boats or caravans, as users can choose which tyres to monitor.”

The tyre pressure monitoring system comprises of lithium battery powered sensors that connect to the tyres’ valves, a USB signal receiver and four antitheft sensors. Drives just need to replace their tyre’s valve cover with the sensor.

Tyre pressure can be displayed at all times on the dash cam screen, or drivers can receive alerts only if the tyre pressure or temperature is higher or lower than pre-set or default values.

In addition to the tyre pressure monitoring system, the Navman MiVue 860 DC Tyre comes with a rear camera for footage from multiple angles, EzyShare and Wi-Fi capability so videos are sent straight to the driver’s smartphone via the MiVue Pro app and can be shared on social media or by email. It is compatible with microSD cards up to 128GB and come with a one-year warranty.

The Navman MiVue 860 DC Tyre is now available at all major electronics retailers for an RRP of $599.


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