IFA 2018: Miele co-proprietor explains product innovations

Staying ahead of the curve.

Miele co-proprietor, Dr Reinhard Zinkann discussed the key innovations presented by Miele at IFA in Berlin and how the company stays true to its mantra: Immer Besser, in an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer.

“This year at IFA, we have many highlights but number one of course is our new Generation 7000 dishwasher with AutoDos and PowerDisk,” Zinkann said.

“More than 90% of the parts are new with only 10% of parts that have been used on our previous dishwashers.

“The G 7000 is superb in energy consumption, in design and in functionality. The new AutoDos function with PowerDisk is unique on the market and dispenses detergent automatically, using a specially designed and highly efficient powder granulate. The PowerDisk contains enough detergent for around 20 cycles, which corresponds to one-month usage, without filling the dishwasher with detergent. It is simply very convenient.

“AutoDos dispenses the right amount of detergent from the round capsular that turns to give detergent to the machine bit by bit.

“The dishwasher also has M Touch controls seen on other Miele appliances, which is a great success story.

Miele Australia and New Zealand managing director, Sjaak Brouwer with co-proprietor, Dr Zinkann

“Another key product for us is the top-of-the-line CM7 freestanding coffee machine. Naturally, it has all the features of our previous machines of this model range, but it has three separate coffee bean containers capable of taking three different types of coffee. For example, decaf beans, specialised espresso beans and standard beans. After each use, the machine cleans the grinder to remove residue from previous uses. The coffee machine also descales automatically.

“Miele also has several new cooktops. With our flagship cooktop, the KM7000 full-surface hob, you can move around up to six pots and pans to whatever place you would like and the cooktop knows where it is. No longer specialised heating but it only heats where the pot is.

“In laundry care, we also have new features, including the SingleWash program that allows users to wash one single item both environmentally friendly and efficiently.”

He acknowledged that it is very difficult to come up with complete new ideas and products every year but Miele has brought something new every year and as such, has a huge pipeline of innovation coming.

“In 2019 and 2020, Miele has a number of new product ideas in built-in cooking and cleaning,” he said.

“Immer Besser means that we do not copy anything in the market because of a trend or because our competition has it. We do not follow a trend, we always try to make the trend. Immer Besser means to be ahead of the time, it means to be different and think different. In consequence, if we bring out a new product, it really is different and offers more value and convenience to the consumer.”


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