Bosch takes top spot in ovens

According to Canstar Blue.

Bosch has been awarded the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers 2018 in the ovens category for the third year in a row. Bosch has topped the satisfaction ratings for ovens, scoring five-star reviews for its cooking performance and reliability, functionality, ease of cleaning, design and overall satisfaction.

According to Canstar Blue research, almost one in four Australian households (23%) wish they had spent more on a better oven, with one in five (21%) stating they are often disappointed with their oven’s cooking performance.

Bosch will soon release its refreshed Series 2, Series 4 and Series 6 built-in cooking appliances with features previously found only in premium ranges, including a meat probe, EcoClean Direct and pyrolytic self-cleaning functions with the Series 6 ovens.

“Bosch has always followed the objective of not only offering high-quality design but making it accessible to all households,” brand manager, Maja Pejovic said.


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