Myer shifts focus back to ‘traditional’ customers

As part of renewed strategy.

Upon releasing its half-year results, Myer has admitted that the execution of strategic initiatives could have been “better managed” with elements of its strategy rolled out too quickly and not enough attention on Myer’s traditional customer base.

As a result, executive chairman, Garry Hounsell has renewed the team’s focus on product, price and customer service. “My ongoing engagement with customers, team members, supplier partners and external stakeholders has reinforced my view that Myer must regain its historic reputation for great value and customer service.

“The work on value is progressing well and with the right training, together with appropriate incentives and supported by technology, our team members can deliver on our customer service aims.”

Hounsell said the department store’s marketing and visual merchandising will be directed towards its “new, exclusive and on trend products, backed by compelling value and promotions”.


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