Woolworths backs customer-first approach to compete with Amazon

Chairman addresses shareholders at AGM.

Woolworths chairman, Gordon Cairns said the Group will continue its unwavering focus on the customer, particularly in the wake of Amazon’s arrival on local territory.

“We want to be obsessive about our customers, their needs and how we serve them better. If we do not, we will lose out to those who do, like Amazon,” he told shareholders at the Woolworths AGM last week.

“This means listening to our customers and measuring their feedback in how we are servicing them. Developing a customer first team and culture remains central to our transformation journey. We are developing leaders who are capable and committed to leading a purpose-driven business.

“Our purpose is ‘We Create Better Experiences Together’ and reflects our belief that we can create better experiences for our customers, team members and suppliers if we work together as a team.

“We spent FY17 fixing the basics. We restored price competitiveness, invested in team hours, upgraded our stores and improved the quality and presentation of our products in Woolworths. We are convinced we have a strong plan in place to regain sales momentum with Big W. We are resetting process to regain price trust and rather than try and win in all categories, we have narrowed our focus,” he added.

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