Quantify Technology integrates Amazon Alexa

Available via deal with Harvey Norman.

Quantify Technology has integrated the Amazon Alexa voice technology, using Amazon Echo products, into its patented flagship product, the Q Device (pictured below). The product will be available in the future via Quantify Technology’s recently announced distribution deal with Harvey Norman Commercial NSW and ACT.

It is in beta testing and has been added to Quantify Technology’s demonstration apartment on York Street, Sydney, where it can be viewed by prospective partners and clients.

The integration with Alexa leverages the power and scale of the Amazon cloud and provides Quantify Technology with the tools to create significantly more advanced features when paired with its core technology platform.

The pairing of the technologies is the first of its kind in Australia and opens up a wide range of new vertical applications for retirement living, hospitality, healthcare and other industries that will benefit from a digital assistant that is a part of every room of every building.

Future developments will see a dedicated Alexa-enabled fascia developed so that users can simply replace an existing Quantify Technology light switch face plate with a fully Alexa-enabled face plate, ensuring access to full voice control is a simple install in any room, anywhere.

Quantify Technology CEO, Mark Lapins said, “Now voice control is not only practical, it is seamless, allowing users to control all their connected devices without apps or smart devices. Through this integration, we’re changing the IoT landscape in ways that will not only alter the direction of the industry, but will also draw more attention to the exploding technology expertise here in Australia. It is exciting to be part of making history and celebrating our country’s investment in the future.”


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