Harvey Norman State Award winners

Announced at exclusive dinner in Sydney.

On Tuesday evening, Harvey Norman recognised the excellence of its proprietors and suppliers with a number of awards within each state.

Harvey Norman executive director, David Ackery said, “Tonight is about acknowledging the real stars in the rooms and outstanding performance. You have to earn the right to win an award. Thank you for your efforts and contribution to a stellar year.”

The winners of the Awards were as follows:

Overall Supplier of the Year

Electrolux Home Products

Overall Product of the Year


Harvey Norman Western Australia

  1. Gold Awards WA

Liam Hatch

Lindsay Griffiths

  1. Proprietor of the Year – WA

Bret Davies

“Thank you very much. I’m shocked. Thank you to all of our suppliers for your support. We couldn’t do it without your support.

Bruce Foster

“Thank you to everyone that we work with.”

  1. Account Manager of the Year WA

Chris Farrar accepted the award on behalf of Greg Allen from Samsung

Harvey Norman Victoria / Tasmania

  1. Gold Awards Victoria

Sean Dixon

Nik Papa

Rahoul Pozniakov

Mark Wanless

Darren Harrison

Craig Gee

  1. Gold Awards Tasmania

Andrew Rossiter

Robert Wing

  1. Proprietor of the Year Victoria Metro

Simon Day

“I’m lost for words. I feel absolutely privileged. Thank you to all of the suppliers and our lead franchisees and a big thank you to Nick Papa.

  1. Proprietor of the Year Victoria Regional

Simon Moir

“Thank you Harvey Norman for such a fantastic opportunity and thank you to my family.”

  1. Proprietor of the Year Tasmania

Nick Wells

“I would like to thank my wife. Thank you to the Tasmanian team and all of our suppliers.”

  1. Account Manager of the Year VIC/TAS

Monica Goodwin from EHP

“I have worked with Harvey Norman for a long time and they make my job very easy. I enjoy coming to work every day. Thank you to my team for their support.”

Harvey Norman South Australia / Northern Territory

  1. Gold Awards SA/NT

Nick Karasoulos

Jim Drivas

  1. Proprietor of the Year – Metro

Rob Colarusso

“I just want to thank the SA team, my staff and Nick Karasoulos who has helped me both professionally and personally.”

  1. Account Manager of the Year SA/NT

Danielle Dunn from EHP

“I am very proud to be recognised by you all. It really shows hard work pays off.”


Harvey Norman Queensland

  1. Gold Awards QLD

Daniel Simpson

Gavin McGrath

Ian Brassett

David Swaine

Ryan Freestone

Rod Ayache

  1. Proprietor of the Year – QLD Metro

Steve Cavalier

“I am very fortunate that I work with a great team of people. I have a fantastic team at Bundall. They dig in, work hard and they are committed because they believe in what we do. I am very grateful and proud of the Bundall store.

  1. Proprietor of the Year – QLD Regional

Barry Smith

“I would like to thank all of my staff and my wife, Rebecca because she does a lot behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for her.”

  1. Account Manager of the Year QLD

Giuliano Astone from EHP

“I love the group and the proprietors that I work with.”

Harvey Norman NSW / ACT

  1. Gold Awards NSW/ACT

Jason Sawkins

John Marron

Peter Mitchell

Ben Kelada

Sara Bollington

Mark Raman

Dan Matthews

Ley Wotherspoon

Steve Attard

Ben Maddison

  1. Proprietor of the Year – NSW/ACT Metro

Brian Nicholson

“This is unbelievable for me. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and got me here and in particular, David for believing in me. Thank you to the suppliers. You are all great people.”

  1. Proprietor of the Year – NSW/ACT Regional

Sam Thompson (absent)

Nathan Walton

“I would like to thank my amazing wife. She believes in me. This is just as much yours as it is mine. Thank you to the Flemington team. Thank you to Jason Sawkins and Grant Knight, you do an amazing job.”

  1. Account Manager of the Year NSW/ACT

Ian Shakespeare from EHP

“This is amazing. Thank you Harvey Norman. I work for a great company.”

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