The Good Guys shares positive outlook on TV market

Store executive manager discusses key observations.

The outlook for the television category is very positive as suppliers continue to innovate in this space, according to The Good Guys Brighton store executive manager, Rainer Feldgen. “We know our customers are continuing to look for larger screens, better technology and sleeker designs, and these are the things that our suppliers are bringing to the market this year. We have noticed that 55 inch televisions have become one of the more popular choices, with the 65-inch and above, the premium, step up option,” he said.

“We are particularly excited by the expansion of the OLED category, and talk of technology such as Quantum Dot, Super UHD, and ULED. Whilst one is not necessarily better than the other, the variety in the market gives us the opportunity to take our customers on a journey to help them find the model and design that is right for them,” he explained.

Feldgen also noted that 4K resolution and the ability to stream more content (Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video), is now more important than ever before. “Our customers are looking to future proof their purchase which is why they are prepared to make a higher investment in their purchase because they want more premium functionality,” he said.

When it comes to the purchase of a television, Feldgen believes size, price, brand and recommendations from family and friends are all important factors, but at the end of the day, it’s about value – how good a product is and what benefits a customer gets out of it versus the amount paid.

“Most customers will come in with an idea about what they want based on brand, size and price, but often still seek our opinion to reaffirm their view or provide an alternate solution. As an appliance retailer, we understand that the majority of our customers research online before coming into the store to make their purchase, so knowing our range inside and out is the most valuable, and influential, tool we have,” he said.

And when asked about promotions, “while they can be appealing on the shop floor, we always strive to clearly explain the benefits of choosing one product over another. Ultimately, the customer needs to be satisfied with the television long after the thrill of a promotion is gone.”

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