Samsung’s Manhattan technology showpiece

The store you have when you’re not having a store

Samsung has just opened a new flagship facility in Manhattan and what a site it is. But don’t plan on buying anything – unless you plan to visit the café – as there are no products for sale at what Samsung describes as an ‘experiential playground.’  So exactly what can you expect when you step inside the 3-storey, 55,000-foot space?

Well there is a theatre for holding special events, a gallery for showing all manner of technology installations, there is even a virtual reality space for product demonstrations, new products to check out, a play room with family-friendly gadgets and the Rag & Bone dressed staffers are there to help with any product issues you might have.  For something completely different it should be worth a visit. One thing AR knows for certain – it is a far cry from the original Samsung store  New York’s Columbus Circle, that was a ‘must visit’ for tech heads many years ago.

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