Myer eBay deal opens new digital portal


Myer has become the latest major Australian retailer to partner with eBay Australia, resulting in an increase Myer’s reach beyond its own stores and website to eBay’s eight million-plus monthly users.

The move appears to be part of the department store’s ongoing digital development strategy.


A partnership with eBay will help Myer develop its digital offering and potentially enable it to target overseas consumers. eBay also has a massive user base that includes a significant proportion of shoppers that may not be using the Myer online store.

“With seven out of 10 online shoppers already using eBay, our Myer store will give customers a new way to shop with us and enables us to further enhance their online experience,” Myer chief digital and data officer Mark Cripsey said.

Myer’s eBay store wentlive today after a five-week trial and will feature more than 10,000 products across a range of categories including clothing, beauty products, toys, homewares and electrical.

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