Tylt unveils new brightly coloured wireless charging accessories for mobile

US-based mobile accessories company Tylt has announced to two new wireless charging devices will be available by the end of the year—  the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount, a hands-free car mount that doubles as a wireless charger, and the VU Solo, a compact single-coil wireless charging pad.

Tylt products include charging devices, portable batteries, audio accessories and protective cases for mobile devices and are distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro Mobility.

Both products offer a solution to extend the battery life of Qi-enabled smartphones, including the new Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo, Google Nexus 6 and Lumia 830.

Tylt Vu Car Charging Mount

Tylt Vu Car Charging Mount

The VU wireless charging car mount (RRP US$79.99) has three overlaid charging coils to ensure the phone will connect and charge once secured in the spring loaded arms, which are designed to grip phones with up to 5.7-inch displays. The is a one touch button to release the phone from the charger’s grip.

Using a suction cup the VU  mounts to the dashboard or windscreen and can be used in landscape or portrait view. The charger also includes an additional USB port to charge a second device.

Tylt VU Solo charging pad

Tylt VU Solo charging pad

The VU Solo wireless charging pad (RRP US$39.99) is powered by a micro USB charging cable. The phone needs to be correctly positioned on the charging pad so that the coils in the phone line-up with the coils in the VU Solo.

It uses a patent-pending alignment edge — a physical marker that shows users exactly where to place their device in order to align it with the single Qi coil and initiate charging. The Solo features an anti-slip silicone surface, built-in ventilation and a micro-gel suction base.

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