Bosch withdraws from freestanding coffee to focus on floorcare and food prep

Bosch has withdrawn from the freestanding coffee machine category to focus its energies on other small appliance categories. As recently as earlier this year, the German brand was marketing four fully automatic machines.

Sources close to the decision have reported that Bosch wants to focus more on its growing floocare business and on food preparation appliances. The company will continue to offer a fully integrated coffee machine so kitchen appliance customers can maintain a seamless look across their cookers and coffee machine.

Bosch’s most recent coffee machine range included the VeroCafe Latte (RRP $999), the VeroCafe LattePro (RRP $1,399), the VeroBar 100 (RRP $1,699) and the VeroBar 600 (RRP $1,999). The standout feature on these machines is ‘Fastest First Cup’, in which a coffee is prepared and poured within 29 seconds of touching a button.

Bosch Athlet.

Bosch Athlet.

Bosch current floorcare range comprises the ultra-quiet Runn’n compact bagless machines, the heavy duty Relaxx’x range of quiet canister vacs and the newly launched Athlet cordless stick vac (styled without an ‘e’ at the end).

“The focus of the Bosch floorcare products is always around convenience for the consumer,” said category development manager Jonathan Peart. “The hand sticks offer long run times, powerful performance, free standing storage and sensor bagless technology, meaning you only clean the filters when necessary and all our vacuums alert you of this.”

Bosch MUM5Pro Premium kitchen machine.

Bosch MUM5Pro Premium kitchen machine.

In food prep, Bosch range is headed by the MUM5Pro Premium Kitchen Machine (RRP $699). “This all-in-one appliance is multi-functional, reliable and convenient to use,” Peart said, “It’s the perfect accompaniment for baking enthusiasts and aspiring home chefs.”

The range also includes blue and yellow Kitchen Machines at RRP $499, a Food Processor with myriad discs for diverse applications at RRP $449 and two handheld blenders (RRP from $69).

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