High concept prototype panels, including 8K and Bendable TV, on show by Samsung at CES

Las Vegas, United States

Samsung has taken a dual-focused strategy towards TV at CES, showcasing “proof of concept”, panels as well as a range of Ultra HD and Full HD panels that are set to hit the market in 2014.

Following the brand’s press conference yesterday and last minute polishing up on individual displays last night, Samsung opened its stand to the general public for the first time today, showcasing a broad range of TV and home entertainment products, as well as appliances, mobile devices and enterprise solutions.

At the more abstract end of the spectrum, Samsung is showing off a range of high-concept televisions at the show, including a widescreen 105-inch Ultra High Definition display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, similar to a cinema, as well as a 98-inch ‘8K’ panel. The highlight of the high concept area was definitely the Bendable Ultra HD – a largescreen panel that is capable of transforming from a regular flat screen TV and bending into a curved Ultra HD display.

While these products are not slated for immediate release (in the United States, South Korea or elsewhere), Brad Wright, director of AV at Samsung Electronics Australia, said these prototype panels were proof of “what Samsung is capable of” at the forefront of TV technology.

Elsewhere on the stand, Wright showed off a number of new panels, with Ultra HD clearly now the major focus. The brand will bring seven new Ultra HD panels to market in 2014 across three ranges, the first of which will start hitting the market in the first half of the year.

One of the key selling points of Samsug’s top of the range product is the Quad Core+ processor, which is not only capable of rendering the Ultra HD image in true style, but also offers new Auto Depth Enhancer technology, a new feature that enhances the contrast ratio around areas of the screen to create a sense of depth, without the 3D glasses.

The demonstration for this Auto Depth Enhancer feature is really where it comes into its own; the difference between a panel with this feature and a standard TV is quite palpable.

Recognising that many consumers have concerns surrounding purchasing an Ultra HD TV, due to questions regarding the availability of content and what Ultra HD standards will be used into the future, Samsung will also launch a new Evolution Kit to future proof the compatibility of its panels.

According to Wright, as consumers buy a TV to last at least four or five years, future-proofing Ultra HD panels is “an important part of the purchase” and the evolution kit will ensure that “any consumer will be set going forward”.

Wright recognised that retail will be essential to selling the Ultra HD story this year, a technology which, like curved panels, will be a major story for the brand in 2014.

“Seeing is believing,” he said. “People have got to see it to really experience it.”

Samsung's 105-inch Curved Ultra HD OLED TV.

Samsung’s 105-inch Curved Ultra HD OLED TV.

An artist's mock-up of what Samsung's stand looks like at CES.

An artist’s mock-up of what Samsung’s stand looks like at CES.


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