From the ARchives… Everdure’s amusing meat-based Australia Day giveaway

On this day, from the pages of Appliance Retailer:

Wednesday 17 January 2007

In the week leading up to Australia Day, barbecue brand Everdure decided to pursue a new retail channel: butchers. In partnership with the Meat & Livestock Association (MLA), Everdure was giving away $24,000 worth of products in return for a prominent position inside meat purveyors during their busiest time of the year.

Here is how we reported this unique promotion at the time:

Dubbed the Australia Day Party, the promotion is themed as a mock election in which consumers are told to ‘vote lamb for a better barbie’ by filling out their details on a ‘ballot sheet’ to go into the ‘ballot box’ in order to win one of the 24 Everdure Norfolk barbecues valued at $999.

Everdure’s products will feature on point of sale material advertising the giveaway in butcher’s shops around the country in the lead up to Australia Day, which is considered peak season for lamb.

“It [makes] sense – it is Australia Day and people are thinking about barbecuing, and particularly lamb. We wanted to go outside the normal channels and into an environment where people are thinking about barbecuing,” said then product development and marketing manager Edgi Vega.

Topping the Triple J Hottest 100 on Australia Day 2007 was One Crowded Hour by Augie March.

Flash Forward

Everdure is still a leading barbecue and seasonal product brand and is supplied by Shriro. One of its most attractive and popular products is the eChurrasco, which allows for Brazilian style barbecuing at home:

Everdure chefs BBQing up a storm, South American style.

Everdure chefs BBQing up a storm, South American style.

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