13 Craziest Gadgets, Gizmos and Appliances at the Hong Kong Fair

The 2013 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) has thrown up some fantastic concepts – some more practical than others! We trawled the many, many halls today to discover the strangest, weirdest, craziest products that you could be importing into Australia!

From Binatone, ‘The Brick’ is a modern cordless phone with Bluetooth designed to look like one of those early model smartphones your parents had that made you so embarrassed.

This is a dedicated snow cone maker that is only being sold in the US market; apparently only Americans feel the need to make snow cones at home.

The iDream3 Head Massager is ideal for any stressed out executives wanting to moonlight as a RoboCop-style vigilante.

VTech is the supplier of Telstra-branded home phones. It also makes these ultra-complicated toy sets that any youngster would want for Christmas.

The rise of PC emulators for old consoles has created a new market – retro controllers that connect via USB. Buy one of these and you can finally finish Legend of Zelda.

This is the ideal wireless speaker for anyone who is desperate to take their music into the pool without risk of electrocution. Surely this is a niche market!

These ghastly speakers come in a vast array of graffiti themes and will probably not match any home decor.

We’ve all heard of OLED TV. Well now you can import DLED TV. The D stands for ‘Direct’.

Every home should have a wireless Bluetooth speaker that uses dancing water and LED lighting as its equaliser display.

I absolutely love this: universal remote control cushions and plush soccer balls. GOOOALLLLLL!

Definitely the craziest practical product at the Fair: these Bluetooth gloves pair with your smartphone so can answer calls in the freezing cold without exposing your extremities to the extremes.

These novelty home phones are a mouthful! The one on the right gives new meaning to the expression ‘on the dog and bone’.

And the winner? The craziest product at the Fair? This personal air conditioner sits on your head to keep you cool while playing golf.

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