Sony Center of interest: Spider-Man, interesting chairs and a giant Samsung ad

Berlin, Germany

Here is our image gallery from our visit to the Berlin Sony Center as part of our Special Feature: Lessons learnt from Miele, Nespresso, Sony and Apple retail road trip.

This wedge-shaped building is home to the Berlin Sony Center and Sony’s European headquarters.

As you walk inside the Center you realise why it has become a tourist attraction: the giant canopy hosts a cinema, retailers and one of those Australian-themed restaurants that sells food no Australian would ever eat. It is what one imagines Fox Studios in Sydney (now the Entertainment Quarter) was supposed to be like.

The exterior of the Sony Center was focused on promoting the well-reviewed Xperia Z, launched at the 2013 International CES.

Celebrating Sony Pictures’ right to continuing remaking the same fim is this Spider-Man statue, which greets visitors to the Center.

A lot of very nice Vaio computers – what is missing from this scene?

One thing Sony still does brilliantly is headphones. So many Berliners wear Sony headphones – they are far more prominent than Beats, which is now ubiquitous in Australia.

Our esteemed colleague UnderCurrent would probably question whether having this much One Direction is going to increase sales of Sony TVs.

The answer to the question posed in the earlier caption about what’s missing was ‘customers’. To be fair, though, while there was no interest in Sony’s PC range, there was a lot of interesting in how NFC can create one-touch functionality, something Sony has been promoting loudly throughout 2013.

A bizarre chair: there were so many uniquely shaped seating apparatuses at the Sony Center.

The enormous Samsung billboard located directly opposite the Sony Center.

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