Recycle your Nespresso pods so they can be upcycled into art

As a capsule coffee drinker, I know the process very well. Switch on the Nespresso machine, insert the capsule, wait for the flashing light to become constant and then press to commence the extraction. Every week or so, the capsule won’t go in, meaning the depository is full, so I take it and throw the used pods into the bin.

But the last part of this process — throwing in the bin — isn’t ideal. Nespresso capsules are recyclable, yet most users are doing exactly what I do, throwing them in the bin to end up in landfill.

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In an effort to change this and to showcase its environmental credentials, Nespresso Oceania is now embarking on a promotion to encourage its users to dispose of the used capsules more thoughtfully.

“In Australia, we have established capsule-recycling points in every Nespresso Boutique nationally,” said marketing and communications manager Nicole Parker.

Nespresso has a dedicated recycling canister (RRP $29.95) and bags (RRP 90 cents) available.

To raise awareness of this initiative, Nespresso has invited six ‘sustainable artists’ to design a modern masterpiece using used pods, in a process it calls ‘upcycling’.

“From 1-to-14 July 2013, Project Upcycle ambassadors in each state will be creating stunning artworks using Nespresso capsules and other sustainable materials. The upcycled creations will be displayed at Nespresso Boutiques across the country throughout the month of August.”

The artists are Alice Sutton (ACT), John Dahlsen (NSW), Holloway Eyewear (Queensland), Katrina Freene (SA), Sean E Avery (WA) and Ellie Mucke (Victoria).

Meanwhile, Nespresso is highlighting its sustainability in sourcing coffee, as this video seeks to demonstrate:

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