Asus launches combo tablet/PC Transformer All-in-One exclusive to Harvey Norman

Asus today unveiled its Transformer All-in-One (AiO) combination tablet and desktop PC, running both Windows 8 and Android, which will be launched exclusively through Harvey Norman.

There will only be one SKU of the AiO at launch, a 3rd Generation Intel i5 model, which will be joined by an i7 model in June or July, according to Asus marketing coordinator Angus Tong.

Comprising an 18.4-inch Full HD tablet, which then also doubles as the screen when in desktop PC mode, the AiO has 32GB of storage in the tablet and 1TB in the resting dock that is used to transform it into a more traditional computer.

Users have the choice of either Windows 8, which Asus demonstrated in PC mode, or Android 4.1, which is the presumed preference for tablet use. The screen runs off an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and has a quoted battery life of five hours. There is a flip stand for watching content and a carry lever for improved portability.

Although Asus showed videos of consumers using the AiO in tablet mode — even comparing it favourably with ‘bland iPad use’ — the screen is so big and heavy (2.4 kilograms) that it seems unlikely that it could be used to replicate common tablet applications like e-book reading on public transport or web browsing on the couch.

In a more believable scene, Asus showed a consumer using the tablet as a de facto TV while preparing a meal in the kitchen. In this instance, the user was able to pause the video, open a web browser and check the recipe.

Starting at RRP $1,999 the Transformer AiO will only be available at Harvey Norman. We asked Tong why this was the case.

“This exclusivity is just for the first few months,” he said. “We wanted to target families and we know that a lot of families visit Harvey Norman stores to look and purchase whitegoods and appliances.

“Harvey Norman is a good outlet for us to launch at.”

The PC station has four USB 3.0 and one 2.0 inputs, one multi-card reader and an HDMI out slot. The tablet has a MicroSD card reader and one mini USB input.

In the box accessories include a wireless mouse and keyboard and a cleaning cloth.

Herbert Leung from Asus discussed the design concept behind this release.

“Before we even launched we won a Red Dot Design Award for our latest Transformer All-in-One,” he said. “When a consumer decides to buy a new PC, they want something that is easy to share, is portable and has high performance; so this is the product they need.

“It’s a PC and a tablet in one box — it has two systems with two processors inside — you pay one price and you get two machines with two operating systems: Windows 8 and Google Android.”

Asus Transformer All-in-One.

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