Top 10 coffee tips: Getting the best from your blend and your machine

Compiled by Claire Reilly

After the busy mid year sales period, electrical retailers are gearing up for the next big event on the retail calendar: Father's Day.

While categories such as personal care and food prep appliances are always big sellers around Father's Day, one of the most popular appliances for gifting is a new coffee machine. And unlike some other products on the retail floor, buying a coffee machine can require a reasonably detailed understanding of the ins and outs of coffee.

Jura Australia’s head of sales, George Liakatos, offered some useful tips for getting the best possible coffee out of a new machine. For customers buying their first machine or coffee aficionados upgrading to a more advanced appliance, these tips are useful for retailers to share during the sales process.

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1. Don’t keep coffee in the fridge or freezer — it kills the flavours and can damage the grinder.

2. Store coffee beans in a dark container and for optimal freshness use within 28 days of the roasting date.

3. Coffee beans are the pit of fruit and therefore seasonality and freshness is key — always ask your roaster for the freshest blend.

4. Coffee loses its quality 45 minutes after being ground, so store as beans and use ground coffee quickly.

5. A cup of coffee is 90 per cent water, so the quality of the water you use is essential.

6. For those that drink milk with their coffee, the optimum ratio between water and milk is 1:3, and therefore milk quality is important — always try to use biodynamic milk.

7. Cleanliness in all forms of food and drink is essential. Regularly clean your machine.

8. If you chose to use a manual coffee machine then make sure you have done a barista course. Otherwise use a one touch automatic machine for a quality cup of coffee at home.

9. Many people confuse strength with acidity.  Heavily roasted beans taste strong but fresh beans tend to have a light citrus taste

10. Most people associate coffee with eating sweet foods but it’s just as good and interesting with savoury — try it with a smoked fish dish.

Jura's Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT fully automatic coffee machine is available in two finishes: Chrome Plated (pictured, RRP $3,590) and Piano Black (RRP $3,490).

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