Panasonic taking ‘mini’ system form factors to the MAX

One of the most eye-catching new products at Panasonic’s stand at CES this year — or any stand at the show — was a new and fantastically enormous ‘mini’ system: the MAX700.

It has now been confirmed by Panasonic Australia that this behemoth of audio output will be coming to local retailers in May 2013, for RRP $1,299.

Panasonic Australia media statement:

The MAX700 features four way extra-large speakers in a new Prism Colour Illumination design, which glows different LED lights in sync with the music.

“Driven by a Full Digital Amplifier and 2300-watt output power, this model produces unparalleled power and sound clarity for all music lovers.

“Featuring nano-sized bamboo cone speakers to create audio with clearer vocals and crisper dialog, the SC-MAX700 also utilises Direct-Vocal Surround to expand sound throughout a listening environment to mimic a concert hall.

“The SC-MAX700 features an internal memory (up to 1,000 songs), along with double USB ports and USB Recording, making it easy to create playlists and share music with friends and family.” had the opportunity to listen to some Coldplay on the MAX700 and even that sounded good. Panasonic Australia chipped in with a smoke generator to increase the mood – that won’t be included in the box, though it would make for a great gift-with-purchase.

The MAX700’s full product code is SC-MAX700.

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