Too much Kevin on their minds

While there has been a lot of fuss about ‘Kevin’ in the political news lately, UnderCurrent was interested to see talk of an altogether different Kevin in the tech world.

Google is hoping to drum up excitement for its new 10-inch Android tablet, the Nexus 10, with an advertisement that has been posted to YouTube.

Following the story of a young couple expecting their first baby and trying to choose between the names Kevin and Alfie (I know what you’re thinking, this video has ‘viral’ written all over it!) the advertisement also shows off new features on the tablet — think multitasking, synergising and social convergence.

While the names Kevin and Alfie are both pretty weak in our opion, UnderCurrent is a fan of a solid portmanteau (not to spoil the ending or anything).

But the more important question remains. When will brands stop making sappy ads to sell the social elements of tablet use and make a 4-hour long TVC that shows someone desperately trying to finish that a budget presentation as their tablet battery slowly ebbs away? Now that would make for good viewing!

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