Miele previews Generation 6000 to Australian retailers in Germany

Miele has invited a select group of key Chartered Agents to Germany this week to preview the next Generation 6000 series of cooking appliances due in Australia from the fourth quarter of this year.

The guests from Narta, Harvey Norman and selected independent stores represent the vast majority of built-in appliance sales specialists through the Miele Chartered Agency (MCA) system.

“The people we have selected to come to Germany are not necessarily from the CEO level, but those that Miele believe are the key influencers from the MCA group,” Miele sales director, David Woollcott told Appliance Retailer at the company’s head office in Gütersloh.

“These products have been developed over the last five years since Generation 5000 was launched in 2008 and the development of the next generation of products has already commenced.

“Each category within the Generation 6000 range of products features genuine Miele-exclusive technology which offers real consumer benefits that can be demonstrated in-store to deliver that ‘wow factor’ during the sales process,” he said.

“Generation 6000 once again represents Miele’s commitment to innovation and offering value-generating propositions for our Chartered Agents. We are continuing to perform our role to improve the quality and reputation of major appliances globally.

“These premium products will be sold by premium specialists that know how to sell these products and we will continue to align ourselves and invest with these premium partners.”

Among the innovations introduced to the Generation 6000 products which are expected in Australia later this year are:

M-Touch: a new digital touch-sensitive user interface with modern ‘wiping’, navigation and scrolling functionality driven by proprietary software that is incorporated across all key product categories including ovens, steam ovens, microwave combi ovens and coffee machines

Colours: the opportunity to introduce selected cooking appliance packages in colours other than the traditional stainless steel

PyroFit: this new technology provides the ability to conduct pyrolytic cleaning without having to remove the side racks and telescopic runners

Australian Cooking Programs: Miele has introduced automatic cooking programs that have been specifically created to achieve perfect results with Australian ingredients for Australian palates

Multi-Steam: this technology uses multiple steam outlets to achieve a faster and even more effective generation and distribution of steam

Popcorn Microwave Feature: the new larger capacity microwave with 40-centimetre turntable features a dedicated automatic ‘popcorn feature’

Con@ctivity 2.0: New Miele rangehoods feature ‘Con@ctivity 2.0’ which automatically communicates with the cooktop to operate at an optimal level

Gourmet Warming Drawers: re-positioning of warming drawers to ‘gourmet warming drawers’ emphasising the ability to cook at low temperatures

Cup Sensor: new built-in Miele coffee machines feature Cup Sensor which automatically adjusts the spout to different height cups

 Click on the video below to see a demonstration of the new Miele built-in coffee machine with Cup Sensor technology…

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