Kambrook expands into Russia, plans to triple range in 2013

By Claire Reilly

Just one week after Breville announced plans to launch into the UK, Kambrook has confirmed that it is expanding into the Russian market with a range of 17 core appliances and further launches planned for later in the year. Both Breville and Kambrook are owned in Australia by Breville Group Limited.

Unlike Breville’s planned UK counterpart, the Russian branch of the Kambrook business will bear the same branding, with a Russian website already established to showcase the small appliances name. The company plans to further market the brand in 2013, alongside its Russian distribution partner Bork, with a promotional campaign planned for Moscow and other large regional centres.

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Speaking about the expansion, Kambrook marketing manager Adam Tacey said the brand had a unique selling point in Russia as an Australian name.

“Russia presents an exciting opportunity for us as an Australian brand,” said Tacey. “Taking into account the country’s considerable population and rising standard of living, the demand for high-quality, reliable household appliances is growing fast. The same affordability and reliability consumers have come to expect in Australia will help to establish Kambrook as a brand of choice in Russia.

“One of our unique selling features in Russia is being an Australian brand — the only Australian brand of household appliances in Russia. Our origin and focus on safety, durability and performance will all be highlighted in marketing activity including interactive internet campaigns and via social networks, as well as traditional advertising.”

Tacey also noted that Kambrook had plans to expand its “retail footprint” and product range into the future.

“We believe there is the potential of tripling our offering by the end of the year, focusing primarily on kitchen appliances,” he said. “Culturally, there is a growing interest in healthy cooking in Russia and multicookers are a very popular category. Irons, kettles and meat grinders are also strong performers in this market.

“The Russian market is already generating strong volumes and if the anticipated growth in household appliances is realised, I expect this will continue.”

Similar to Breville, Tacey was espousing the benefits of a global expansion for the local Kambrook business.

“Kambrook is committed to expanding into growing markets around the world. By increasing the number of countries Kambrook products are sold in, we are able to further invest in and support the Australian and New Zealand markets and expand the business locally.”

The 17-product range includes a line-up of cooking and food prep appliances as well as other small domestic appliances. In the kitchen range, there are 3 kettles, 2 slow cookers, 2 meat grinders, 2 benchtop convection ovens, a stickmixer, kitchen scale and breadmaker, while the household smalls range includes 2 irons, 3 vacuums, 3 humidifiers, a bathroom scale and an air purifier.

Kambrook has already established a Russian website, which features familiar products (matched with unfamiliar names).

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  1. Sergey Olshin Fri 5 Dec 2014 at 1:57 am #

    Thank you for this information! Hello from Moscow (Russia)! 🙂

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