Uniden introducing Black Box recording to the motor vehicle

The Black Box flight recorder has become a cultural phenomenon over the last 50 years as its data collection and storage is used to determine what was said and done in an aeroplane cockpit prior to an aviation incident or accident.

Now the thinking behind this invaluable Australian invention is being applied to automobiles in the form of the Uniden iGO in-car camera range.

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“Entering the market with two models, the iGO Cam 300 and iGO Cam 800, Uniden offers the latest in vehicle accident recording ‘black box’ technology,” said Uniden in a media release.

“Mounted on the inside of the car windscreen, the iGO Cam can automatically detect any sudden changes in car movement, such as when an accident occurs, and immediately record the footage in high definition.

“This footage can then be used to provide evidence of who is at fault so that drivers can easily report incidents to police and insurance companies.”

Unlike aviation Black Boxes, which are bright orange to assist in recovery after an accident, the Uniden iGO cameras are actually black:

The iGO Cam 300 (RRP $79) has a 1.5-inch LCD screen and the iGO Cam 800 (RRP $149, pictured above) has 2-inch LCD colour screen, two cameras and an included 8GB MicroSD Card.

These cameras will be available in February 2013. 

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