Editor’s Picks for Best Digital Products of 2012: Look, Listen and Compute

The December issue of Appliance Retailer magazine includes the annual Editor's Picks for Best Digital Products of 2012. Current.com.au will be featuring the products selected as the best of the best over the coming days – to find out the full list, pick up a copy of Appliance Retailer's December issue.

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Contour +2 (RRP $549)

One of the great success stories of the last few years has been Contour, which has carved out a profitable niche in the field of extreme photography and video recording. While rivals race to catch up, Contour continues to release market leading devices. The latest iteration has Full HD video at 30 frames per second, a water-resistant case for 60 metre depths and instant-on recording.

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Denon AH-D7100 (RRP $1,600)

The hero of Denon’s new high end headphone range is the Music Maniac D7100. Described as “ultra premium”, these mahogany headphones have a 50-millimetre driver, 110dB/mW sensitivity and a range of cabling options for listening at home or on the move. In a year marked by the success of high-end headphones, Denon’s addition to the market was particularly notable.

Raspberry Pi (from $33)

The world’s smallest and cheapest computer, the Raspberry Pi was released by RS Components in 2012 to promote basic computer science and education for a new generation of users brought up on Windows and OS X operating systems. Developed and marketed by a not-for-profit charity, the Raspberry Pi was phenomenally popular, though the original batches were snapped up by older users rather than the kids they were aimed at.

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