Retravision Northern members to lobby for vote on sale at AGM

By Patrick Avenell

Retravision Northern members and interested parties will meet on Friday 30 November 2012 for their annual general meeting at Allan Border Field in Brisbane.

The agenda for this meeting includes a closed door, members only session, which is expected include discussion on the proposed sale of the Retravision brand to Narta.

Retravision Northern members have told that they will argue that they deserve a vote to transfer the brand to Narta. understands that no member vote was taken or is planned on this proposed sale.

The email inviting Northern members to its annual general meeting was sent on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

This meeting was not planned specifically to discuss the sale of the Retravision brand — the date was first announced in the Retravision Northern annual report. Regardless of this, Retravision Northern members have made it clear they intend to discuss the sale during the private session.

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