When my baby smiles at me I buy a National portable camera

UnderCurrent has fond memories of one of its earliest televisions – a delightful old National-branded CRT that stood in the living room like a bastion of broadcast brilliance.

If only UnderCurrent had known that there were National cameras available for purchase! Think of all the endless hours of summer fun that could have been caught on tape, to be played back over the winter months on the telly.

In many respects, it’s probably a good thing that this advertisement for such a camera went unwatched.

Spokesinger and Boy from Oz himself Peter Allen makes this device come across as just a bit creepy. Mr Allen, why are you standing in the ocean, fully clothed, while you trip up holiday makers? Mr Allen, why are leaning so provocatively on that television set? Mr Allen, why did you marry Liza Minnelli?

It seems some questions will never be answered…

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