Fisher & Paykel recalls selected single door dishwashers

By Claire Reilly

After recalling some of its DishDrawer products from market due to risk of electric shock last month, Fisher & Paykel is once again facing troubles with its wetgoods, issuing a product recall for selected single door dishwasher models.

The ACCC website posted two separate recall notices for the affected domestic dishwashers.

The first series of products have model numbers beginning with DW60CS and DW60CD and serial numbers including the identification symbols FA6, FA7 and FA8. The dishwashers were sold at whitegoods retailers nationwide between 1 January 2006 and 30 June 2009.

According to the ACCC notice, “If water leaks into the electrical components, this may cause a fire or melting of components within the door latch, handle or control panel area” and may cause a short circuit.

The second series of products have model numbers beginning with DW60CC and DW60CE and serial numbers beginning with FAB or FAC, and were sold nationally between 1 October 2011 and 1 August 2012.

With these models, there is a risk that “water may leak into the door latch area, causing possible electrical tracking in some components”, which may cause an electric shock to the consumer.

In both cases, consumers are advised to contact Fisher & Paykel Appliances directly to register their model number, serial number and contact details. If individual consumers are then confirmed to be affected by the recall, F&P will arrange for a service technician to call and fix the problem at no cost.

Fisher & Paykel can be contacted through the company’s recall website, by calling toll free on 1300 920 472 or by emailing The company has also posted instructions on the ACCC website to assist in identifying faulty machines.

Consumers are advised not to use their machine unless they are present to monitor leaks or smells, not to use the product overnight, and not to use their machine if there is excessive water in the handle or if any smoke or smell is detected.

Please note: does not have any affiliation with Fisher & Paykel and is unable to assist with individual queries. Consumers who are concerned about this product recall are advised to contact the company directly.

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  1. Ben Fountain Tue 24 Mar 2015 at 7:52 pm #

    Hi my dishwasher has just stopped working the screen on the front door has blacked out and won’t let me select a wash.
    I was looking up my dishwasher on the internet and found that it is a model thats a recall the model number is DW60CCX1 and the serial number is FAD1E0040.
    Can you please confirm or advise me on issue.Thanks

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