ABC Catch-Up TV Meets STB – TOPFIELD Launches First Set-Top Box with ABC iView

Premium electronic entertainment specialist TOPFIELD has unveiled the latest member of its Set-Top Box (STB) family, the first and only set-top box on the market to incorporate catch-up TV with ABC iView! 

In addition to ABC iView the TBF-7300 incorporates a number of other smart features such as access to YouTube, Shoutcast Internet Radio, Flickr and Google weather for Australians who want more than just high definition TV.
TOPFIELD’s driving goal remains to give as much control and freedom of choice to the viewer as possible. More than 12 months ago TOPFIELD was the first company to offer a series recording PVR without an internet connection and now there is even less reason for viewers to miss out on their favourite shows thanks to the ABC catch-up TV functionality.
The TBF-7300 is available from all major electronics retailers, RRP: $189.

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