Sony targets retailers with quick sales pitches and rewards points

By Claire Reilly

In an effort to educate retailers on its range and to set itself apart in the broad product landscape, Sony is bolstering its online training website (known as Pulse Live), with a series of new sales pitches designed for retailers.

Pulse Live features information on Sony products, reader polls, video tutorials and a rewards centre that allows members to use the “pulse points” that they have earned on the site to bid on Sony products. It also combines news from Sony’s corporate branch and Facebook page, and allows members to download extra info to print and share with their sales staff.

As a part of its push to get the brand message across to retailers (and, ultimately, to consumers) Sony has also devised quick sales pitches that are included with the product sheets sent out to retailers. The “Sell it in 5 seconds” and “Sell it in 30 seconds” blurbs are a means by which Sony can explain the complex tech and spec info that accompanies the product, in order for sales staff to convey the Sony message quickly and effectively on the retail floor.

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One such spiel is for Sony’s Xperia S smartphone – the first smartphone to be released by Sony without Ericsson co-branding.

The 5-second elevator pitch bills the device as “the only smartphone with a full Sony HD experience,” while the longer 30-second pitch offers more detail.

“See movies and photos in crisp, clear HD on the large Reality Display with Mobile Bravia Engine,” it says. “The full HD video recording and fast 12MP camera lets you shoot everything in sharp detail, even in low light, and view it on your TV via an HDMI cable.

“Xperia S is PlayStation Certified, so you can play the perfect game. And you can enjoy millions of songs from Music Unlimited. Or download hit movies from Video Unlimited.”

While the “sell it” spiels are not without their share of Sony buzzwords and tech jargon, it is certainly a unique way of providing information to retailers in a quick and easy-to-understand format.

An example of the "quick pitch" provided in Sony's product spec sheet.

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