LG restructures sales team, removing GM role to empower account managers

By Patrick Avenell

LG Australia today confirmed it has restructured its sales division, removing the role of general manager of key accounts for retail operations. This position was held by Marlene Gant, who is due to appear in the New South Wales Supreme Court tomorrow in a case brought against her by her former employee Asus Technology.

According to a statement given to Current.com.au by LG Electronics Australia, under the heading “LG flattens sales structure to promote faster decision making and more customer centric thinking”, this move has been made in response to the rapidly changing consumer electronics marketplace.

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From here on, the statement says, current retail key account managers will have direct access to senior management. These account managers include Scott Kinsman, Phil Gross and Alison Riley.

“We believe that moving faster than our competitors in responding to consumer needs will be a key advantage for LG in the future,” said LG head of retail Michael Doyle.

“This management change brings the senior managers of our business one step closer to our customer’s day to day feedback.”

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