Make Coffee Like a Barista at Home.

Introducing Maestria, a sophisticated coffee machine range from the Nespresso De’Longhi range – combining classic design with cutting edge technology enabling anyone to create the perfect cup of coffee at home, just like a true Barista.


Both classically designed machines feature curved lines, reminiscent of traditional Barista equipment. The retro dials at the front allow coffee-lovers to adjust the volume of coffee poured in order to compliment their choice of Grand Cru.  A pivoting cup stand enables users to enjoy their coffee in a mug or tall glass. 

The retro-feel Maestria machine is a “hands-on" machine that allows users to prepare milk-based coffees with expert tools.  A steam wand on the side uses optimised air intake technology to prepare light, frothy milk with a creamy texture.  For the first time, Nespresso customers will be able to master the art of milk froth to perfection, just like a true Barista.


The larger machine, Gran Maestria includes an integrated Aeroccino milk frother, featuring an optimised pouring spout and four milk froth settings which allow users to create high-quality iced coffees, lattes and cappuccinos as you would find in the finest cafés.

With its full aluminium body and high quality materials, the Maestria machine range will complement the most chic and contemporary interiors.  Maestria is available in Crema (RRP $749) while Gran Maestria is available in Platinum (RRP $899).

For further information about the Nespresso – De’Longhi machine range contact your Nespresso Sales and Promotions Manager on 1800 623 033 or your De’Longhi Representative on 1800 126 659.



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